INCREDIBLE andrew & hannah I wish I could attach our whole album to this review, because I don't think my words can do these photos justice. She has such an eye for lighting and placement - I honestly love every single picture and wish I could frame them all! dd

"OH MY GOSH I cannot even begin to explain how amazing Rebecca and her husband, Gregg are!! My husband and I were planning on getting married on my parents' farm in Virginia, but ended up moving to SC and changed our venue to Charleston. We had already fallen in love with Rebecca and Gregg's work online (you should check out Gregg's "Love Stories"'ll cry happy tears over couples you don't even know!), so we were so excited to know they'd follow us down to Chucktown!

At our wedding, I didn't feel like I saw Rebecca and Gregg much, but they ended up getting so much footage of the wedding...even things that I didn't know happened!! That is some incredible ninja talent to be able to capture the whole night and barely be seen!

"They truly are such an amazing team, and I wouldn't have traded them for anything. I recommend them to all of my friends!"
AMAZING michael & erika We feel very lucky to have worked with Rebecca. Her work is very much reflective of her passion for photography. dd

"What we love most about Rebecca was her ability to simplify what could have easily been a very stressful aspect of our wedding. She helped us focus on what we envisioned for the photography. Most of all, she listened to our ideas and worked with us to make sure that she captured the overall feel and theme of our wedding."

"She was such a joy to work with and we would highly recommend her to our friends and family."
AUTHENTIC justin & julia I can't get over how beautiful
our pictures are and it meant
so much to my husband and I
that they captured so many
real and authentic moments.

I cannot even begin to write enough wonderful things about Rebecca and her husband Gregg. These two are warm and professional, funny and so incredibly talented. Our wedding day had a few minor hiccups and Rebecca and her team handled everything with grace and flexibility.

"Run, do not walk, to your phone to book them. It will be some of the best money you will spend on your day!"
NATURAL richard & jennifer We first fell in love with Rebecca's
work and then we fell in love with her. It was as if we had been friends
for years...we just clicked.

Rebecca is absolutely AMAZING and we can't say enough wonderful things! We first fell in love with Rebecca's work and then we fell in love with her. It was as if we had been friends for years...we just clicked. She is personable and extremely easy to work with. Her photographs are so beautiful, natural, and artsy. You can tell by looking at her pictures that she loves what she does. Rebecca has an incredible eye and way of capturing moments. We don't know how she did it, but each picture was better than the next. Her photographs exceeded our expectations. Many of our family and friends told us how impressed they were by both Rebecca and Gregg's professionalism and ability to move around the room. They have a great system and work seamlessly together. We can't thank them enough!

"When my husband and I looked at the pictures for the first time, it took us right back to our wedding day. We couldn't stop smiling, laughing, and reminiscing about the day."
OVERJOYED rob & lauren She admired my planning and craftiness in a way that made
me feel special and valued.
She found the best assets
in our tiny wedding and made
them shine in the photos.

I was overjoyed with Rebecca in every way. We booked her when our plan was for a big wedding in Roanoke. Then our plans changed to a tiny wedding in Richmond. Rebecca easily adapted her services to meet our new needs and quickly reassured me on some of my anxieties. I was so nervous that our very non-traditional wedding would be frowned upon by those in the wedding world, or that the pictures would come out funny because I was doing my own makeup and wore a dress without all that miracle structuring that make every bride look beautiful. Fortunately, Rebecca helped me through all of that. She includes little elegant touches in everything she does.

"I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants beautiful and true wedding images to treasure long after the wedding."
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