My given name is AUD-JPY Rebecca Louise Keeling.  Louise; funny I know.  It’s ok to giggle. I am addicted to Squeezed Zero Water.  I'm just learning (and loving) to cook but I hate doing dishes.  I cry every year when Starbucks runs out of their Creme Brûlée Latte.  I also cry at every single wedding.  I am a home renovating DIY junkie.  I watch Friends re-runs on repeat while editing.  My curls are kind of my signature thing.  I am a movie fanatic, obsessed with binging on Netflix and can’t get enough of true crime shows.

I am the mother of a beautiful, challenging kid named Kade.  He is a constant source of inspiration…and graying hair.  And even though there are days when I don’t feel fit to be a mother, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire universe.  Without him, I would not become who I am meant to be.  I am absolutely blessed to have the most amazing, supportive, funny, handsome, smart, and domesticated hubby in GBP/CAD the whole world.  Gregg keeps me together.  He holds me firm to the earth when I start floating too high into the clouds.  He even does the dishes.

"i love creating relationships with couples, starting with their engagement and transitioning through the early years of their family.  it's so fulfilling that these relationships often turn into lifelong friendships."

My style is something that is constantly changing and evolving.  Like when I was 8, it was cool to wear stirrup pants with jelly shoes.  Now, not so much...unless you’re big into the 80’s scene!  Today, I am in love with all things light.  I tend to overexpose most of my work just a hair, to give my images a dreamy-vintage-romantic sort of feel.  I cannot get enough of gorgeous backlighting.  I love to photograph my subject in sharp focus and a buttery, soft background.  I love capturing people in a real life moment.  Like when I say, “That was awesome, I think we got it!” and then holding my camera just a second longer.  ‘Cause that’s usually when the magic happens.

Being selected for The Knot Best of Weddings “Hall of Fame” and celebrating my 10th business anniversary has been a truly humbling experience for me.  I take great pride in knowing that my chart Euro US Dollar clients think so highly of me, as a photographer, and as a friend.  I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and having the opportunity to capture your love story.

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Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, or just to say “hey there”!

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